Overview of major accomplished projects/ expertise

Analytical Services:

  • Identification and quantification for surfactant and polymer
  • Method Development of preservative by HPLC methods
  • Raw material analytical method development for impurities and assay
  • Wastewater sample for trace element analysis by ICP-MS
  • Determination of Heavy Metals upto ppt levels by ICP-MS
  • Product Release rate and Membrane integrity test
  • Dissolution comparative profiling of tablet, capsule, oral paste
  • Detection of elemental impurities in water, beverages, wastewater, paint, toys, food, medicinal products.

Method Verification and Formulation Support

  • Capsule, tablet, liquid, syrup, suspension, cream, ointment, lotion and Injectables

Analytical Method Development /Analytical Method Validation

  • Assay, CU, Elemental analysis and other analytical method development and validation for active ingredients/excipients in pharmaceutical, nutraceuticals
  • Analytical method development to identify and quantitate active, excipients and preservatives in tablet, capsule, liquid, syrup, cream, ointment
  • Regulatory Consultancy
  • ANDA submission with US Agent Services
  • Quality Assurance representation of a company
  • Data review services
  • Regulatory affair services for Canada,USA, Europe and Emerging market