We can offer container or primary packaging material testing of  pharmaceutical, nutraceuticals, cosmetics and medical device product .We can conduct  test according to compendial test e.g. USP, EP, JP, BP or customized testing to assess packaging  material quality. The primary packaging of medicinal product protects efficacy, strength, identity, safety, purity and quality (SISPQ) of product and thus it is essential that packaging material needs to be evaluated prior to use it for medicinal product. At LLC Laboratories, we can help you with physical, chemical and microbiological analysis of packaging materials and thus you can determine packaging material fitness to use for product.

We can perform any compendial and non-compendial testing  of glass containers, plastic containers  being used for medicinal, cosmetic, nutraceuticals and medical device product.  We can offer  testing or consultancy services for following test  and impact analysis of packaging materials on medicinal product,but not limited to –

  • Identification
  • Limit test
  • Impurities
  • Assay of product
  • container closures(glass, plastic, rubber)
  • Interaction between container/content such as leaching from packaging material
  • Customer-specific test protocol
  • Extractable studies
  • Microbiological analysis  service support for packaging  materials
  • Impact of product stability due to packaging materials 
  • Other routine and non-routine test.