Deformulation is the separation, identification and quantitation of ingredients in a formulation. This is a very unique service  offered by very few contract Testing laboratories.We have extensive expertise in deformulation studies.Our expert services will help to  develop products through reverse engineering and  comparative analysis of reference product. Our team is well versed with different analytical techniques, separation methods, chemistry to identify and quantify different major and minor components in a product mixed with active ingredients and excipients as a components in a product. We research thoroughly for reference product or similar product to deformulate product through different search method e.g. online, research paper available and other technical references. For mixture  We can identify and semi-quantify the components  in a mixture of complex nature.

Our extensive  expertise in Deformulation  help to identify possible process and formulation methodology to develop product . Currently, we have existing clients who are availing this services. We always protect client’s interest and confidentiality of project submitted to us.


  • Manufacturing and procurement of active ingredients and excipients for product development similar to reference product
  • Competitor’s product ingredients information to determine formulations, specifications, cost
  • Copying or improving other’s formulation and evaluating strength and quantities of ingredients
  • Patent infringement issues from competitor
  • Assessment of market claim of product
  • Identify Product failure or Product related defects  and presence of unknown ingredients, impurities or contaminants, trace elemental and other impurities in the product
  • Identifying batch to batch variation of each components in a product
  • Comparative analysis of typical product and worst product.
  • Vendor qualification of raw materials before qualifying raw materials vendor
  • To identify unsafe, hazardous ingredients, impurities within formulation to identify stability issues
  • For product benchmarking and specification preparation
  • To synergize chemical component with natural components while formulating product


  • Detailed competitor product analyses thorough Research and development
  • Performing batch-to-batch variation testing (Identification and quantification of each component)
  • Solving complex product failures
  • Re-engineer existing product
  • New product development partnership with deformulation services


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