• Pharmaceuticals(oral tablet, capsule, cream, ointment, lotion, liquid to injectable product)
  • Nutraceuticals products
  • Gel, lotions, solutions, creams and ointments
  • Cosmetics, industrial detergents and Cleaners


Regulatory Analysis & Hazardous Compound Identification

  • For  un-safe, obsolete, or banned ingredients/substances within a formulation
  • To create eco-friendly versions of existing formulations by exchanging questionable materials in a formulation with natural counterparts.

Product Benchmarking

Confirmation of product identity during product development and for product benchmarking.



We provide deformulation studies for client’s information only and we have no obligations in terms of confirming clients for using such information without reviewing trademark, copyrights, patent information, state and federal laws. It is client’s responsibility to review all legal aspects prior to gaining and use this information for commercial purpose.