The identity, purity and quality of raw materials of any products needs to be ascertained for its quality with standard test procedures. Raw material analyst at LLC Laboratories can test  raw materials and verifies if its specifications are met before it is deemed acceptable for use.With such a wide variety of raw materials available, a vast range of testing with instrumentation are required which needs extensive skills and expertise to evaluate test article accurately and precisely. LLC Laboratories raw material analysts are laced with all skills and experience to test raw materials. Our analyst always ensure to provide accurate results following safety and compliance.

Common testing includes:

  • Identification of the raw materials including ID test of sample in each container 
  • Microscopic observation for particle characterization
  • Determination of loss on drying, moisture content
  • Heavy metals
  • Other limit tests, and bulk density
  • Assay and impurities using UV-Vis spectrophotometer
  • Titration or potentiometric analysis
  • HPLC or GC analysis, and other methods

LLC Lab analysts have extensive industry experiences of testing raw Materials including solid, liquid and semi-solid forms. We understand the demands to analyze raw materials to meet production schedule of clients. Our turnaround time is second to none.