STD Linearity Curve


Our capability includes, but not limited to-

  • non-routine R&D testing for active pharmaceutical or medicinal ingredients
  • Raw materials as active ingredients, excipients
  • Testing for product under development
  • Analytical method development
  • Analytical Method Validation, verification, transfer/inter laboratory qualification
  • Cleaning validation
  • Transportation study, in-use study, and photo-stability study
  • Validation services as per ICH guidelines, Health Canada, USFDA guidance
  • R&D project Management
  • Other R&D related task


Our Validation team  performs all typical validation characteristics such as Specificity, Linearity, Accuracy, Range, Method Precision, Intermediate Precision, Robustness, Detection limit, and Quantitation limit, Filter Study, and Solution Stability, etc.

We also prepare validation protocol and validation report if requested.