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We can offer  service of formulation and product development in our laboratory.We can also partner with our clients for formulating novel or generic drug product, cosmetic product, cream, ointments, gel product available in  pharmaceutical, nutraceuticals and cosmetics. We strictly follows confidential disclosure agreement for client’s formulation project.


Any product development needs thorough research and experimentation regardless the product is novel or generic.



Our service will assist  for-

  • Research about medicinal Product formulation,active components and excipients usage
  • Planning and costing of Formulation
  • Pre-Formulation studies
  • Formulate product on Laboratory Scale
  • R&D testing on formulation Stage
  • Consulting on large scale batch manufacturing on your site
  • Preparation of  Chemistry Manufacturing and Control Documentation(CMC)

Our Formulators in team have several years of experience in the formulation and our team will be efficiently advise client at each and every stage of product development.Our services would be very cost-effective for clients in compare to In-House product development.We cost clients according to scope of project activities where we bear the cost of  recruited human resources and other overhead costs of product formulations.

Our R&D capability includes but not limited to

  • Non-routine R&D testing for active pharmaceutical or medicinal ingredients
  • Raw materials, excipients assessment and testing for product under Development
  • Formulated product testing
  • Forced degradation studies and Stability Indicating method
  • Analytical method development
  • Analytical Method Validation
  • R&D project Management for Product registration and marketing authorization.