The design of our Leadership team believes on one principle – “Combine Quality, Knowledge, Expertise, Updated -Training and Experience,” for LLC. Founding members of this team have more than 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and GMP fields. LLC is proud to have an influential and well-experienced founding members who are managing the day to day operations of the company.


Feng Lu

Mr Feng Lu, EMBA from accredited university and as a seasoned Industrialist of China, managing well-known automobile industry in China and Europe, now accepted challenge to invest his business operation knowledge in life science sector of Canada. Mr Feng Lu possess a sober personality and he has a great business acumen.


Samson Lu (Director of Quality)

Having Double masters in Chemistry from China and Canadian universities, Samson has more than 20 years of experience in Quality, Compliance, R&D, Quality Control and consultancy. He is always customer focused and well respected amidst professionals in pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical industries. This laboratory is a concept of Samson, after serving pharmaceutical industries for more than two decades. He has extensive knowledge and experience of quality and regulatory affairs such as US FDA, Health Canada, MHRA, EMA and TGA. Samson is responsible for overall management of project with quality operations and oversees research and development operations related to the formulation, deformulation, testing, validation, R&D, release of products for clients. His vision is to bring LLC Lab as a front-running leader in Analytical and Consultancy services.



Having Master of Science in Microbiology, Bachelors in Chemistry with Microbiology as special subject and Post Graduate Diploma in Regulatory Affairs, RABQSA certification as Lead Auditor (ISO 9001:2008), he is well experienced and knowledgeable Professional of the pharmaceutical industry coupled with experience in Food, Dairy, disinfectant industries. Yash has joined LLC as a Business Development / Sales and Marketing partner with founders to accomplish LLC Lab team objective to become a leader of Analytical and Consultancy services. He has spent more than 20 years in GMP industries where he played a variety of roles in quality assurance, quality control, R&D, Project Management and Regulatory affairs mainly in the pharmaceutical industry, Dairy and food industry in Canada, India and Middle East countries. He firmly believes “Strive for Success.” At present being Business Development Manager of LLC he is striving with great effort to achieve success by fulfilling the short term and long term objectives of LLC.


Xingwang Liu (Laboratory Manager)

M.Sc. with more than 15 years of experience in pharmaceutical industry, Xingwang Liu is a very knowledgeable and experienced in analytical development, product reverse engineering, drug product development, drug material/product stability study, release testing and project management. He is well respected amongst his industrial fellows.

Xingwang is offering his several years of management and scientific experience with a vision to develop LLC Laboratories as a quality and compliance benchmark performer amongst the scientific analytical service industry.m.